Aug 122011

CrossFit Palo Alto’s new iPhone app, Outside the Box, is now available for download on iTunes!

Customized specifically for members of our gym, Outside the Box will allow you to:

  • View CrossFit Palo Alto’s WODs
  • Keep a personal, mobile workout log
  • Search past results
  • Receive “push” messages from your coaches
  • View videos
  • Keep a calendar of CrossFit Palo Alto events

To download Outside the Box from iTunes, click here. Once it’s on your mobile device, open the app and click “Register.” Use the menus to select “CrossFit Palo Alto” and your coach — and then start using Outside the Box to track your progress!

(Note: The app is free to download and use, but the optional personal WOD tracking feature — if you choose to use it beyond the one-week free preview — will cost 99 cents per month. The subscription costs go directly to Outside the Box, not to CrossFit Palo Alto.)


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