Jul 292012

With every challenge comes opportunity.

I was reminded of this when I learned that CrossFit Palo Alto’s newest hand-picked hire – a remarkable individual with deep experience in growing and managing a robust community of CrossFit gym members – has decided for personal reasons to remain in her current job. Sadly, she will not be relocating to the Bay Area to become our Director of Operations as planned.

To say we are disappointed would be an understatement. As some of you know, over the course of our year-long recruiting efforts, we had crafted a unique Director of Operations position – a non-coaching role that focuses on community development, event management, marketing, and communications. We designed a job that offers a level of leadership and autonomy (as well as compensation) that is significantly greater than the norm. Throughout this process, we had targeted just one candidate, so we were absolutely thrilled when she accepted our offer to start in August. Today, we are just as crushed to learn that she won’t be able to join us, and that our members won’t get to experience her wonderful personality and talents.

But with every door that closes, another one opens.

We’re opening up our search for a creative, entrepreneurial-minded leader to fill our Director of Operations position. Our affiliate boasts an incredibly strong and vibrant community of athletes and coaches. Over 100 members participated in our last Fight Gone Bad event, and CFPA was the top fundraising team in the country for this year’s Fight for Air Climb to benefit the American Lung Association. As CFPA continues on its path of phenomenal growth, our priority is to add programs, educational opportunities, and events to enhance the experiences of our members, and to lay the foundation for the future. The Director of Operations will be empowered to lead these efforts, as well as manage the business of CFPA.

We’re not looking for a paint-by-the-numbers office manager or administrative assistant. This is a role for a creative leader who is passionate about strengthening a community of CrossFitters, and executing his or her own vision and strategies in a successful, collaborative environment. The Silicon Valley is one of the most opportunity-rich zones in CrossFit today, and we are excited by the prospect of finding someone with the talents, skills, and personality to position CFPA for future growth.

We know there are fantastic candidates in the greater CrossFit community, so please help CFPA spread the word about our Director of Operations position. And if you or someone you know fits the bill, please contact Tim at tim@crossfitpaloalto.com for more details.

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