What Can I expect from my subscription at CrossFit Palo Alto?

  • Personal attention from the same coach each class
  • Challenging workouts scaled to your ability
  • Supportive Class Environment
  • Accountability from your class and coach
  • Guaranteed space and equipment for you in class
  • Prompt class start and finish
  • A wide variety of workouts that are designed with your needs in mind
  • More than a workout.
  • More than a gym.


Standard Rates Policy: For consistency of training and maximum benefit, we use an “appointment-based” scheduling system, where each member joins a monthly program that meets at the same day/time (for instance: MWF, 5pm).  You may switch to a different program (with a different schedule) if there is room in that class.

2x per week

$185 standard rate/month

3x per week

$265 standard rate/month

Pro-Rated Fees

$30 CrossFit Drop-In – For Out-of-Town Visitors Only

Please DO NOT just show up to “see what CrossFit is about.” Our coaches will be focused on their class and will not be able to give you the attention you deserve. Follow the steps for Getting Started.