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Apr 162014

Thank you for your interest in CrossFit Palo Alto! Our Introductory Sessions are now OPEN  for registration.

Dates for our next Introductions will be:

Saturday, December 3rd, 2016, at 11am till 12:30pm

Wednesday, December 7th, 2016 at 1pm till 2:30pm

If you have prior experience with a CrossFit Affiliate please contact us at

To sign up for an Introduction to CrossFit Palo Alto, CLICK HERE, read through all the information and follow the steps to reserve your spot.

We will add more introduction classes to our schedule as space becomes available in our classes.

We are working very hard to expand our programs and offerings to provide CrossFit to everyone that wants it. Please stay tuned to our website, facebook page and twitter feed for regular updates and information regarding new opportunities to train with us.























Feb 142014

cfpaopenbadge2014-page-001Every year there is a competition to determine the Fittest On Earth. This competition is called The CrossFit Games. In order to get to the Games there are multiple levels of competition. The first one is The CrossFit Open.

The Open is a worldwide competition where individuals compete in workouts that are posted weekly over the course of 5 weeks. You can video your workout and submit it online to CrossFit for judging and validation or you can perform the workout an a CrossFit affiliate and they will judge the workout and validate your score. Spectators are welcome and encouraged to come and see CrossFit as a sport.

CrossFit Palo Alto will be hosting The Open on 5 consecutive Saturdays, starting 2/27, from 10 am for those that want to compete or spectate. Here is what is required to compete at CFPA.

1) Register with The CrossFit Games site and select CrossFit Palo Alto as your affiliate. (cost $20)

2) Prepare yourself for some challenging and fun workouts with others from the gym.

3) Be prepared to Count Reps/Judge for someone else and to stay until the last workout has been completed.

4) That’s it!

(If you are a visitor, you are welcome to compete for a $10 drop in fee. You must be registered with The CrossFit Games site prior to arrival and you must contact by Friday at 5pm prior to The Open date.)

Dates of The Open are: 2/27, 3/5, 3/12, 3/19 and 3/26

Everyone should do The Open. This year has a SCALED option to make the workouts that much more accessible. I won’t say that you’ll regret not doing it. But I will say that you will be STOKED that you did.


Oct 092013

Thanks for looking us up! We would love to have you visit with us and get a workout in while you’re away from your home gym.

How to Schedule Your Visit:

CrossFit Palo Alto is a closed-enrollment facility, so our classes are capped to only 15 members per session. We deliver a premium service experience and insist upon small class sizes for the best possible instruction.

This means that while we would love to have you here as a Drop-In, we do require that you get in touch with us in advance to schedule your visit!

If you just show up, we won’t be able to accommodate you. Please click on the link below to fill out our visitor form and we’ll be glad to check the availability and reserve a time for you to work out with one of our coaches… and their class of awesome people that make up our CrossFit Palo Alto community!

Drop-in fee for members of other CrossFit Affiliates is $25.

We will be glad to accept cash or credit cards for that payment.


Feb 252013

In 2012, 83 Athletes represented CrossFit Palo Alto at last year’s Fight For Air, with over 40% of the gym membership participating in the actual climb, and many, many more contributing with financial support and fundraising.  Together, $31,041 was raised by members of the team. This turned out to be the most money raised by ANY team in the WHOLE COUNTRY!

This year, we are doing it again! Join our team on March 23rd, 2013 and race/walk/climb up 52 stories to the top.

555 California Street rises 779 feet above the pavement; one of the tallest buildings on the West Coast.  Formerly known as The Bank of America Building, it opened in 1979.  Its size and presence symbolized wealth and added an impressive punctuation mark on the skyline of San Francisco.  Its history has boasted of being the tallest building west of the Mississippi, the world headquarters of the Bank of America, and, of course the host site for the Fight For Air.

On Saturday, March 31st, 2012, participants from all over the Bay Area lined up in the hallways of the skyscraper, working their way through the maze toward the stairwells that are normally populated only during building evacuations.

The Task?  Climb 52 stories to the top of the building.

The Reason?  Support the American Lung Association and climb for those who can?t.

The Way?  As fast as possible.

Other CrossFit Affiliates were present at the climb, but CFPA rose to top! Help us do it again this year.

Last years results:

Largest CrossFit Team participating ? 83 Team Members

Most funds raised by CrossFit Affiliate ? $31,041+

Most funds raised by an individual ? $7000+

Most FUN had by ANY team!

It?s easy to be impressed by the CrossFit Palo Alto community.  How often do you get participation in a voluntary event (an uncomfortable event, no less) that exceeds 40 percent of the population?  And even more so, people who are willing to pay for it?  And raise money for it?  And do it all smiling?  Maybe it sounds silly.  Like asking someone to pay to row a 2k for fun on a Saturday morning.

But it wasn’t silly at all.  It was meaningful.  And very real.  And everyone celebrated it together.  Some people added themselves at the last minute. There were others whose motivation was to support the cause itself, raising awareness and funds for those who fight for air.  But regardless, the morning started the same for just about all of the participants:  an early alarm on a rainy Saturday morning, a drive up to the city, standing in the rain, legs burning as they reached the top of the climb, and all so that they could participate in an event with their teammates, their friends.  Each one of them proud to pass the test of the day.

Please join us this year and experience new heights to your capacity.