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These “Back to Basics” posts are designed to give the reader some quick tips on the Paleo lifestyle so that you don’t have to spend a lot of time making the right choices and can focus on your training instead.

Just a quick word on a common misunderstanding among Paleo practitioners. The original Paleo Diet book by Loren Cordain placed an emphasis on eating lean meats because the effect of saturated fat on the body wasn’t well understood at the time of its writing (around 2000). The reason for this recommendation is sound: all animals (including humans) store toxins in their fat.1 So it follows that animals raised using conventional methods are exposed to toxins in their feed (corn, grains), toxins on the land on which their raised (heavy metals, pesticides) and are injected with antibiotics and hormones. And if you eat the fat from these conventionally-raised animals, you’re introducing all of those toxins into your own body (and yes this applies to farm-raised seafood as well).

So if you’re going to eat conventionally-raised meats, be sure to trim off the fat! Perhaps an easier solution is to choose cuts of meat that are raised on a natural diet in open pastures. This meat can be admittedly more expensive (though you can save money by buying directly from the farmer through CSAs) but you will taste the difference and feel good about eating meat that lived a good life. Plus, you get to eat all that delicious, satiating animal fat.

What to look for on labels:
Beef and lamb – “100% grass-fed” or “grass-finished”
Chicken, pork and eggs – “pastured”
Fish – “wild-caught”
And of course, buy local whenever possible!

Badier Velji is a Whole 9 Envoy and writes about nutrition at The Lazy Caveman. Visit his website and follow @TheLazyCaveman on Twitter for more tips on how to improve your nutrition and quality of life.


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Eat To Win

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Mar 192011

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One of the biggest misconceptions about Paleo is that it has to be a low-carbohydrate, ketogenic diet. The truth is, athletes like CrossFitters need to eat more than they think in order to recover from our tough workouts, speed up fat loss, and build the most muscle possible.

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Mar 082011

Greetings, Fellow CrossFitters!

Welcome to the first installment in our on-going nutrition support blog! We’ll be using this space to provide all of you with helpful tips and advice on how to fuel yourself properly both inside and outside of the gym. Our guidelines for nutrition recommendations largely come from the Whole9 guide, a program of which we are a proud partner. If you are a CrossFit Palo Alto member and don’t have your copy yet, talk to your coach and get reading!

Paleo Nutrition

Why do we recommend a Paleo approach to the way you eat? Well, simply put, because it works! Many of our members (and coaches) choose to eat and live this way because it provides them with more energy to get through those tough WODs, provides faster recovery between workouts and helps you shed fat while packing on muscle.

Where to Start

First, make sure you’ve read through the nutrition guide and you fully understand it. Second, make a plan for how you’re going to incorporate the Paleo principles into your life. The people ¬†who do struggle with Paleo do so because they haven’t fully committed to making change and still hold on to conventional wisdom. At our gym, we offer Nutrition Orientations and Q&A’s¬†regularly to make sure that all our members’ questions get answered.

Set Yourself Up For Success

The Paleo community at large is very supportive and we’ll help you get there, but you have to want the change. You’re already making the right steps by training at a CrossFit box, so you’ve got the potential to strive for even better. It’s important to set realistic goals, be they fat loss, MetCon improvement, or just being the best version of you that you can be.

Be Patient and Open-Minded

Our bodies are amazingly complex and there’s going to be information that you hear about certain foods and body processes that are counter to what you’ve learned or been told. While Paleo eating is far from new, it’s resurgence is backed by science and its results are very real. You may not see gains overnight or even the first few weeks, especially if you’re coming from a heavily-processed diet, but stick with it and you’ll love the improvements in your energy, body composition, physical performance and mood.

Your partner in STRENF!



Badier Velji is an active member of the SF Bay Area Paleo Community and writes about nutrition at The Lazy Caveman. Visit his website and follow @TheLazyCaveman on Twitter for more tips on how to improve your nutrition and quality of life.

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Feb 102011

For the members of CrossFit Palo Alto, we will be having a Nutrition Guide Orientation on February 19, 2011 at 11am. In this Orientation, we will break down your Nutrition Guide, the Paleo Diet and provide you with a framework to start adopting some new practices when it comes to eating. Please register for this FREE event so that we know how many people to expect. Register by Signing in to your account and clicking on the “Seminars” tab.

Log in by clicking HERE.

This will NOT be a one-off event. We will be hosting more orientations with more opportunities for follow-up and community support.

Please stay tuned in to the homepage as we will be launching a Nutrition Blog as another resource for you to support your new lifestyle and path to overall health and wellness.