About Us


CrossFit Palo Alto started in a garage in the October of 2009 with 2 members. In true startup fashion, we have grown in stages to what we refer to as CFPA 4.0. We are now located in a beautiful 6,000 square foot facility with ample room for training and community activities.

CFPA provides clients with a personal training experience in a group setting while delivering comprehensive health and fitness programming. With experience in training National level athletes, ultra-marathon runners of 50 and 100 mile races, elite SWAT Team members, at-home moms and grandparents, we have developed a fitness program that is second to none and accessible to all. We provide a general conditioning program that includes injury prevention training and coaching. Our focus is a core strength and conditioning program that is constantly varied to keep your attention and to get results.

Your Training

Your training begins with a FREE Introductory Session where we tell you what CrossFit is, what it isn’t and how we do it. We then have a brief instruction period followed by a quick workout. You should expect gradual progress in achieving your goals. Our bodies adjust to physical stresses slowly. It’s important that you remain patient during the entire process and expect results over an extended period. The keywords in physical training are patience, consistency, and more patience! Adjusting to the changes in your training and lifestyle takes time and while we invest a large amount of time and effort into getting you started, we expect the same in return.

The Purpose of this training is to improve not only your performance, but also your life! The training that we have developed is designed to provide you with the proper means to achieve your desired results and goals.

We are extremely proud of the clients/athletes we have trained over the years and their continued commitment to a healthier, more efficient lifestyle. We consider each of these people, including you, an athlete! We must stress that as an athlete you are ultimately responsible for your own performance. Therefore, while you engage in this training with us, we will encourage you to be doing the following when not with us:

  • Stretching several times a week in short duration.
  • Self-Massage/Rolling out/Massage.
  • Eating responsibly!!! Balanced Nutrition!!! YES WE COUNSEL THIS!
  • Ask Questions when you don’t understand something!
  • 100% Effort
  • Honesty
  • Consistency
  • Enjoyment of the process
  • Intensity!

Results are not guaranteed; THEY ARE EARNED!

How We Do It:
Our coaches are very passionate about what they do and will spend a lot of time and energy to make you successful. We ask for one thing before you start…a solid commitment. Commitment to yourself and to the process will yield solid results.

For consistency of training and maximum benefit, we use an “appointment-based” scheduling system, where each member joins a monthly program that meets at the same day/time for the month (for instance: MWF, 5pm).  At the end of each month, one may switch to a different program (with a different schedule) if desired. Classes are 1 hour in length. Our schedule of classes can be found HERE.

When you’re ready to Get Started, click HERE.

PLEASE NOTE: DO NOT show up to “see what CrossFit is about.” Our coaches will be focused on their class and will not be able to give you the attention you deserve. Please follow the steps for Getting Started.